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so it's getting better. one man who is very excited about all of that, tucker barnes is keeping an eye on our weather for today. hey, tucker. >> good morning. i've only seen one episode but i look forward to seeing more this season. high temperatures once again in the upper 70s to about 80 and that's after a cool start this morning. a lot of 40s on the map. particularly the north and west this morning. 48 in frederick. 54 in winchester. 54 in hagerstown. 60 here in downtown washington and a little warmer closer to the bay. patuxent naval air station 59 degrees. a lot of sunshine in the forecast and humidity will stay relatively low today as we continue to be under the influence of a big area of high pressure. there is your satellite radar. very quiet conditions. a few clouds out to the west, maybe a scattered shower or thunderstorm late in the day tomorrow but in front of that more nice weather, and just about 80 degrees. winds out of the north and east at 5 miles per hour.
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more details on the forecast. we are going to warm up and it will feel like summertime for the first day of fall. figure that one out. those details coming up. tony and allison, back to you. the big story this morning, distracted driving. a crackdown on drivers using phones behind the wheel is underway. >> in fact there is a distracted driving summit happening today in the district. sarah simmons is live in northwest with the details. >> good morning. set it get under way here. they are going to talk about ways to crack down on cell phone driving and try to deter people. earlier ray la hood was saying to both of you that actually enforcement is the way to go about doing this because that is the key here and that is what they've been doing this morning in the mt. vernon square here in d.c. if you look at video during this rush hour time period, they have been
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pulling people over who they found texting and driving and giving those folks tickets. and that was going on from 7:00 to 9:00 this morning. and in d.c. you know that ban is in place on using your cell phone, unless you have a hands- free device. ray la hood addressed the fact earlier on fox 5 morning news that there are other distractions out there. he does admit that. but considers cell phones to be far worse. >> it's an epidemic with cell phone use and blackberries because everybody has them and think they can do that everywhere they go, whether in church or at work or whether it's on street or behind the wheel. we know there are other distractions, the epidemic is because everybody has a cell phone or blackberry and they think they can drive safely while doing it and of course
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you can't. >> reporter: and the recent statistics about distracted driving and the deaths that have occurred. they say the numbers have jumped from 10-16% and that's between 2005 and 2009. as you know in d.c. there are the ban on holding your cell phone. also texting. texts is also banned in virginia and maryland as well. but at this point there is a patch-work of different laws around the country and the secretary mentioned that they are in the process in the senate, there are some bills moving through that, one that has come out of committee, one to push through to avoid the patch work of laws around the area because they do believe this is a serious epidemic to be addresses. i'm sarah simmons. back to you. >> sarah, thank you so much. in other news, the senate votes to lead to the repeal of the ban on openly gay service
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members. we get information from stacy cohan live on capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning. it is september and there is a lot going on here on capitol hill. and this is its big talker of the day. the don't ask, don't tell policy, the policy that allows gays to serve in the military, but not openly. it was passed back in 1993. that's when bill clinton was here in office. it is part of a larger military authorization bill that is set to be voted upon in the senate today. now there was a news conference where leaders were urging senators not to pass it, saying it could put some military men and women in awkward situations but some openly game former service members disagree. >> i wanted to serve my country and i'm able to and it makes no sense that you are charging me based on orientation. >> when i joined the army, i was open relatively to my
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peers. everyone knew and it's not a problem whatsoever. >> it's a threat that the military is going to force other members of the military to be silent on their condition. >> what is most offensive is that the military is being used to advance a social policy. that should not happen. >> reporter: don't ask, don't tell has been controversial since the moment it was passed and adding to the controversy, lady gaga is coming out to support don't ask, don't tell. she spoke in front of a crowd in portland, maine, yesterday, urging the two senators in that state to support the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. one is considered very beautiful to the code seeing that the only republicans would be voting would be suzanne collins. now the house of representatives already passed the repeal back in may. today democrats will need 60 to vote in favor of this in order
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to conquer a filibuster threat by republicans. live on capitol hill, tony, back to you. >> that iy. -- stacy, thank you very much. and the taliban is claiming they shot down a helicopter but nato disputes that, saying there was no enemy fire in the area. nine american soldiers died in the crash in southern afghanistan but two people survived, an afghan soldier and an american civilian. it is the deadliest chopper crash for coalition troops in four years. so far this year 525 coalition soldiers have been killed in afghanistan. more than the 504 killed last year. staying with war in afghanistan, a once trusted colleague of osama bin laden is now cast he'sing him for continuing to wage war. nome and benodman is believed to have been present when the
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attacks were first discussed and now why is he breaking that. and now fascinating subject here. good morning to you. and tell us how does this gentleman fit in with osama bin laden. >> back in the 80s and 90s, a group of young men got together in afghanistan to fight the russians. they call themselves the mutha hadeem. he was one of the organizers and managed to defeat the russians and send them back after ten years of hard fighting. in that process, osama bin laden joined the fight and they fought together and became friends. ben acman was part of the libian islamic fighting group and was the larger of the groups that were fighting in that area during that time and
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he was essentially one of the grandfathers, if you will, of that movement. so osama bin laden actually learned from him. so they pain tained a fairly close relationship over time but he broke from the group and denounced terrorism and told osama bin laden you are going to make a huge mistake because they are going to get after you and a lot of innocent muslims will get cools in the process. and that's what the letter addressed just before the 9/11 anniversary this year. saying look you have another chance to do this. you need to take it seriously. >> in that letter he is calling for a cease fire, if you will. what is the reaction? has he heard back from people close to him? and we all asked here, how is he able to get a letter? can he tell us where osama bin laden is so we can end this. but first things first, why is
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this made public. >> it's an open letter. and the reason for sending the letter was in the minds of some in the intelligence community it was to reach out to muslims who might be on the fence about this whole al-qaeda situation where they decided some years ago they're going to fight the west to the death until the west leaves all muslim countries. those people supporting them with money or ideologically, they are hoping to push them away. but the letter was published through the killian foundation. and i don't know if he can reach osama bin laden directly. there are people out there in the jihadist community of which benockman is a big part. people look up to him and follow him and what he said. and he does still have some
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left over go-betweens or contacts. >> he's got some credibility. >> yes. and still have some form of contact with osama bin laden, if it's nothing more than just supporting the organization. but let's be clear, that community is very small. and with the advent of the internet they can communicate with each other and no one would know how or when or when. >> and any evidence of this? >> i'm spoken with some national security council, former c.i.a. type people and they say it would be suicide for osama bin laden to essentially engage in a cease fire because this is not the type of business from this which you can call a cease fire. it is a situation where he is in this to the death just based on his previous actions and if were to declare a cease fire, he would be killed or in the
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process. but what this letter has done, it's lullly made people think -- it's made people think and menockman has herd that people are frustrating with osama bin laden and him. because he has not been able to deliver a worldwide opinion of what he wanted to do but instead a lot of innocent blood has been shed. >> fascinating stuff. as we started this interview off. jj green from wtop radio. >> thank you. >> thank you. testing on one college campus is raising concerns of racial discrimination. we're talking sickle cell disease. and coming up next we'll talk with one football coach who has experience with athletes suffering from the disease. and then later this hour, fertility foods. are you trying to have a baby?
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the fda continues hearings today on proposed genetically engineered salmon. aqua advantage salmon was created by a massachusetts company and contained a added growth hormone to allow it to grow twice as fast as regular fish. officials will look into whether it would have to be labeled as genetically modified if it gets the greep light. it could be in a store near you in in two years and could open the door for genetically engineered animals, such as a pig or cattle resistent to mad cow disease. a small bed bug infestation that turned up in a library in
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urbana. a library worker founds bugs in a book. the books were heated to 120 degrees to kill the bugs. >> i've been here eight years and i've never heard of this. my director has been in the library business his entire career and never heard of this either. >> i think it's disgusting and i hope that they don't come into my house. >> all eight county libraries are being sprayed just in case any of the tainted books wind up elsewhere in the system. a new plan to test athletes for the sickle cell trait is raising eyebrows and leaving some to question whether the idea is racially motivated since a majority of those with sickle cell are african- american. others in the sports arena say it's sensible and it doesn't mean anybody with sickle cell will be side lines. joining us on the phone is floyd keith, former college football coach and now executive director of black coaches and administrators. he has personal experience with
9:17 am
athletes who have died from complications brought on by sickle cell anemia. keith, are you there? >> i am. >> and there is talk about this and we want details. you are spearheading this as a matter of fact. first tell us why you are so involved and tell us about your personal experiences. >> i think any time a situation becomes relevant to you and you've had a experience with the issue, it becomes very special to you. i had the occasion in 1974 and then again in 1986 to see the effects and complications of sickle cell trait and the results of the reaction from
9:18 am
strenuous exercise and both being in a preseason conditioning event. and when you've attended funerals for two players, 12 years apart, and the studies that initiated from 1974 and then when you see the same scenario repeat itself in 1986, you understand that one death is too many. and that if we turn away and we say, well, i don't to know or i don't want to know if i have the trait or what -- regardless of whether there is a percentage of one demographic group or those showing higher percentages or not, information beats ignorance and i really
9:19 am
believe that we should be proactive rather than reactive. and reactive in this ase is trying to curb the events that are triggered from an unfortunate complication of things that are a result of exercise and having the trait. so to me i think this makes perfect sense. >> what do you say to those who have raised the concern that because the vast majority of people with this trait or with sickle cell disease are african- american, that obviously it's going to target that audience and you'll be sitting these players down and telling them that they can't take part in their chosen sports because of their disease. what do you say to those folks? >> well i don't think there is a case that you can't
9:20 am
participate because i instituted when i became a head coach -- actually i was a head coach at howard university at one time for about four years. and then after i became the het coach at the university of rhode island and subsequently after our experience at indiana. we instituted the test. every player that was of color, and then eventually we did it with every athlete. which is the case right now as of august 1. and all i can say to anybody about having to sit down and have a conversation about the trait they should have to sit down and have a conversation with the participants of a student athlete and tell them the ultimately bad news. >> and my understanding is that you can alter a players training program to compensate for this so they can still
9:21 am
participate? >> oh, yes, tony. as a matter of fact, any time the trait showed up in my testing with our student athletes, we had a conditioning program which we put into play which was a graduated and elevated intensity from degrees, and if i remember correctly, ours was anywhere from 4-5 days in the preseason. and we had no effects. none whatsoever. >> okay. >> and i -- i mean, that to me is certainly a lot better. you're going to be able to participate and do what you need to do, rather than have to have the other conversation. >> very good. our time is short, so we have to leave it there. floyd keith, thank you for taking the time to explain it to us. it is good to hear from you. thank you. >> tony, my pleasure.
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also a powerful new documentary about education crisis in our country. >> d.c. plays a prominent role in this new film. har from michelle rhee and the person behind this. úx
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we have some positive news just in on the economy. home construction increased 10.5% last month. applications for building permits also went up. the gains were driven mainly by apartment and condo construction, not single family home news a new documentary on the education crisis in our country is getting a lot of buzz. >> the d.c. school system is featured prominently in this new film. davis gwen heim's waiting for superman premiered in hollywood last night. he won a award for the al gore documentary. now his new film follows students and families in their
9:26 am
bat toll get a good education in a system that is said to be broken. d.c. public school chancellor michelle rhee gets a lot of face time. >> you look at what has happened in american public education over the last 20 years, we have gone from number one in a lot of different respects to absolutely at the bottom amongst developed nations. >> the president of the american federation of teachers not happy about what she called an inaccurate portrayal of sub- par teachers and villans. i got a chance to sit down with the director to talk about why he made this film. >> i have my own kids and i drive my three kids in los angeles past three public schools on the way to take my kids to a really great school. and it haunts me that the kids in my neighborhood don't have what my kids have. and why can't we give every kid in america -- why can't we give
9:27 am
every kid in america a great education. >> that's the million dollar question and that's why he said the system is just waiting for superman to help. the documentary will hit select theaters in l.a. and new york and then expand nationwide, including here in d.c., in october. >> a lot of people will see that movie. it's getting a lot of attention. >> i saw it and it will make you want to do something and open your eyes to not just what the other kids have to deal with, what all of the kids are dealing with. this hour we're taking a closer look at some parking problems for the disabled. straight ahead on fox 5, watch what happens when a man has trouble finding a wheelchair accessible spot and who is to blame may surprise you. and then glee kicks off the season 2 premier tonight. we'll hear from some of the newest cast members. stay with us. it's 9:27. ring ring. progresso.
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the only difference now is none of us care. >> fox's musical comedy glee is back for a second season. >> it kicks off tonight and fox 5's holly morris recently got to talk with some of the new cast members and she'll tell us all about that. >> reporter: tonight as 8:00 is what gleeks everywhere has been waiting for. it's the start of season 2 and it promises to be in tune, in step and thanks to sue sylvester, in your face more than ever. after a tough loss at regionals, the glee club is back at mckinley high. >> we have to go from a small rebel force to a giant wall of sound. >> reporter: faced with more budget cuts, the teacher is pushed to get new members. >> when you get on board of a project like this, this hot, you know that it will be one of
9:32 am
those things where it's just -- >> reporter: and another new face, singing sensation cherry who admits to being a fan and nervous about it. >> what are you nervous about? >> i'm used to a comedy and i'm excited. >> reporter: e establish es stars want to get in on the action, like britney spears and john statement os, both set to appear. >> when did you know it had blown up. >> i went to the philippines and it was nuts how many people love the show. you think a show is only big in america and then that's what it hits you and you're like, wow. >> reporter: more than 10
9:33 am
million song down loads and 19 emmy nominations, the underdogs continue to overachieve well into the sophomore season. and if you don't want to know anything about the season premier, walk away from the television and turn the volume down but if you want to know what you will see tonight. i'll give you a sneak peek. you'll hear jay z's empire state of mind, poisons every rose has its thorn and beyonce's listen from the film version of dream girls. one couple will stay together, one couple will break up and there is a new coach in town, dawn marie jones played coach shannon beast and she's the new football coach and cord told me that she is hilarious and people will be watched for dot and jane lynch, who won for her character of coach sue sylvester.
9:34 am
and tonight the premier of glee the second season. at 9:00 there is a new series premier called raising home and then running wild. so back to you guys. >> she has it all down. appreciate that. >> the dvd of season one is out by the way. because i saw the first episode. >> it's a really good show. >> it was fun. i was surprised. >> it is amazing, the success they've had on the pop charts with the all bums. it's amazing the number the number of cds already. >> and i think the stars are saying we need some cd money. >> and the unemployment rate should be going down with the number of new people they have coming. >> it's a big ensemble cast. listen, we have beautiful weather. you saw holly's live shot. beautiful blue skies across the area and temperatures should continue into about 80 or so. and then it will feel like summer.
9:35 am
>> i have to switch gears. >> we have a big cool down the end of next week. so enjoy today and tomorrow. >> and i know that's sick weather, i don't care what you say. >> we are warming up. now upper -- 50s and 60s. annapolis is 63. again, i mention high temperatures, right where we were yesterday. upper 70s and low 80s in a few spots south of the city. but it should be comfortable and blue skies expected for the next couple of days. let's look at the future and into the next couple of days we are going to be talking about a lot of sunshine and again without any rain in sight we could use the rain showers but unfortunately they're not in the cards until maybe late in the day tomorrow, we could see
9:36 am
a scattered shower or maybe a thunderstorm on wednesday or thursday. and high pressure is stuck to the south and eventually push off the coast. so winds shifting out of the south and southwest and as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow, guess what, we'll start to heat things up. upper 80s and low 90s starting tomorrow and right through the end of the week. i know fall starts tomorrow and if you like summertime heat it will be back for the next couple of days. a beautiful afternoon. winds lighter than they were out of the north and east at about 5 miles per hour. not as cool tonight. 62 in town. upper 50s off to the north and west, about 10 degrees warmer than this morning. here is your five-day forecast. i know we need the rain. maybe a shower tomorrow, but we'll keep our fingers crossed. thursday and friday looks sunny and hot with highs at about 90. and then unsettled for saturday. and maybe some more showers and maybe a thunderstorm on saturday. but again chances aren't great for the next five days. but get out and enjoy today.
9:37 am
tony and allison, back to you at the desk. >> tucker, thank you very much. more now on our investigation into handicapped parking. imagine taking a spot away from somebody who needed it because you didn't want to dent your car. >> that is one of the excuses. tisha thompson got excuses when she asked people why they were pulling into the spots reserved for handicapped parking. now we'll see what happens when someone who really needs the space shows up. >> reporter: it's 10:00 in the morning and lee page can't find a parking space near the entrance to the branch avenue metro station. for most drivers it's a nuisance to park so far away. for lee it's a very real problem. >> i sustained a spinal cord injury back in 1983 when i was in a car wreck. >> reporter: lee said there are two types of accessible parking: regular handicap
9:38 am
spaces and van ache isible with extra wide aisles so drivers in wheelchairs can get out of their van. >> for a van with a side lift you need a lot of space because there have been many times where i've been able to get out and come back to my parking space and a -- a car has parked closely. i've had to ask strangers to back my car up or go inside and wait until that owner of the car comes out. >> reporter: and there is roughly one space for every row of handicapped parking but they are often the first to go. around 5:00 a.m. this man told us he needed disabled parking because of his legs and back. >> and we noticed that you parked in the van accessible spot and those were meant with wheelchairs. were you aware of that. >> no. >> reporter: and joyce said she has problems with her back and knees. >> i never paid attention to be
9:39 am
honest with you. i noticed the handicapped sign. i just park when i see a handicap sign. i never saw that before. >> reporter: and james hopkins told us he knows the spaces are meant for van lifts. >> i'm aware, but also parking on this end stops me from getting dents in my vehicle. >> that's disappointing and irritating. >> reporter: and more than anyone, other disabled drivers should know how important it is to protect spaces for those who really need them. >> i understand there are other vehicles that can use that space. i'm not saying it's reserved specifically for me but it is reserved for those who drive vans with lifts. >> reporter: tisha thompson, fox news. >> that brings it home when you see someone suffering because of your choices. the problem could be fixed if
9:40 am
metro would crackdown. they said metro police can have to prove the placards have to belong to them and if not they can be confiscated. but metro said they don't do that kind of enforcement. is one of the most famous structures in our country about ready to fall apart. we're talking about a tourist site that you love. it's the st. louis arch. and so what has engineers concerned. and terrifying moment for a crowd. what caused this riser to collapse. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ce did you know
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mom, i got it. ♪ [ female announcer ] they're never too big for a little something sweet. kellogg's rice krispies treats. making headlines now at 9:43. scary moments for spectators at a car race in brazil. metal stands collapsed like dominoes at the race. it happened yesterday. more than 100 people were hurt. 22 of them were seriously hurt. officials say at least 500 people were sitting in the
9:44 am
stands when they cam -- came down. authorities say structural faults may be to blame. corrosion and rust putting a missouri monument in danger. arch in st. louis was supposed to last 100 years when it was built in the 1960s. the rust stains can be seen from the outside but inside it is causing damage. water is leaking into the arch and there is no air circulation. >> well i'm glad i got to go up there when i do. because i'm not sure i would go up there now. >> and i'm not sure i believe it any way that it would last 100 years. >> the unsinkable ship. well are you trying for a baby, tony? >> no. >> listen up, some certain foods will help you with making your dreams come true. and so what items should you
9:45 am
add to your grossly list. i'm not taking no for an answer. straight ahead after the break. >> i do not. and then holly is pulling double duty. she's live at the national sheep dog finals. when we come back we'll show what you this little doggy is doing. we'll be right back. fiber one chewy bar.
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tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. what's she thinking? that's right! i'm not thinking anything! [ male announcer ] fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes. well if you're trying for a baby or you're already expecting, you should know that there are certain foods believed to boost your chances for getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy, which is what we all want. and joining us now with more information is nutrition counselor and founder kelly monon of learning to love your and we'll link that to our website, and kelly knows a few things about it because, congratulations, you're expecting. good luck to you. and everybody can rely on luck and some know-how. >> right. it's crucial. people don't factor it in enough but it has a large
9:49 am
impact on fertility. >> the one thing that i always heard was foalic acid, spinach, spinach when you are getting pregnant. >> and they have anti-oxidants and spinach has iron which is crucial. so you can take a pre-natal and we'll talk about that in a minute. >> want to start here. this looks like good old- fashioned milk. >> that is one of the greatest things. there has been recent studies that full fat dairy is helpful in producing fertility. >> so we're talking about the whole milk. >> and the lower fat has been shown to increase infertility. there is only a few studies but i think its something women can get excited about. >> and what is this? >> that's just cream cheese. just enjoy it. >> the dairy. the time to have the whole stuff. what else did you bring for us?
9:50 am
>> there is beta carotene. and you want your body in balance. and there is that. and then corrella is a superfood and it is a sea vegetable and there are others as well that have a lot of iron in it and beta carotene as well and so you can supplement with that. >> and we talk about the colors with the good orange and green. >> and spinach is great for a variety of things. high in anti-oxidants, helpful for weight loss if you eat a lot of greens but it has a lot of iron and folic acid. >> and we talk about the pre- natal vitamin. hopefully you're getting the good stuff here but should you go with the vitamin, too. >> yes. a lot of women trying to conceive try to take pre-natal vitamins in advance. because it has folic acid in advance. once you get pregnant you need
9:51 am
600-800 of mcgs and this is a water soluble vitamin so it's not bad and it has a lot of iron and trace minerals so it's really nutritious. you can take it if you are not trying to conceive. >> i'm pretty fertile. so i won't take that right now. >> and the final thing is whole grain. we know the benefits of whole grain with everything. with our diet in general. it heap -- helps with insulin and that's crucial when you are trying to conceive. and it gives you a boost of energy throughout the day to keep you going. you don't want to eat too much full fat dairy when you are not trying to conceive but enjoy it. >> thank you so much. we'll be seeing you grow, grow, through the months. kelly manon is the brains behind learning to love your
9:52 am and you can find that website on ours, holly. out to you. what do you have going on? >> reporter: well i have a national competition. you could see it's an international competition because i'm hanging out here with donald mckeg who is the guy when it comes to learning about sheep dog herding. and we are live at the competition for the 2010 national -- it it includes canada -- it is the best dog out of the united states and america when it comes to sheep dog herding. >> it is the best dog and the one that everybody wants to breed to and wants pups off of. >> reporter: so is it like horse racing, if your dog gets good then you breed them. >> i don't think there is any money to be made.
9:53 am
>> reporter: but same concept? >> yes. people have trained and trialed for a year just to get here. they're already the top 150 dogs in north america. now they want to see if their the best dog in north america. >> reporter: what do you win, other than bragging rights. >> bragging rights, a trophy and a little bit of money. what he's doing here is he's trying to split the cheap. it's the ale end of the course. the dog has to come through and hold the necessary shape. >> reporter: now are they always working just four sheep? >> no. they might be working five or three. four is a good number. >> reporter: do you get to choose that as the handler? >> no. you choose nothing. your dog cannot have ever been on this course before. there you are. you see the dog took those two. that's what you want. >> reporter: kind of like when
9:54 am
horses go in and cut out calves. >> exactly what it is, holly. and now the next task, and he's fighting the clock, is to get them into the pen. >> reporter: and this is like team pinning. >> it could be. >> reporter: and how much time do they have? >> they have 15 minutes. >> reporter: oh, it's a long run then. >> it's a long way out there, all of these tasks are difficult. these sheep have no particular interest in being split apart and they're not particularly keen about going into a pen because they understand perfectly well, oh, sheep go in pens. >> reporter: and so the sheep are not enjoying this but -- >> they put up with it. >> reporter: but is the dog enjoying doing the working. >> there is no way you could train a dog who didn't love this, to do it. you're working with genetics. and there are other kinds of
9:55 am
training to train the dog to do not what it wants to, but look at the dog and see the dog is looking away. that's taking pressure off the sheep. the sheep is still thinking about it. he's sliding around a little bit, very quietly. you don't force them. you persuade them. they have to decide to go. until they look in there, they won't go in. >> reporter: and you said these are the most clever dogs around. >> they're not the most intelligence. i think there are a lot of >> reporter: but clever. >> very clever and very trainable. this dog out here has had a minimum of four or five years of training. >> reporter: i have to end it there but it is the most fascinating thing to watch. and it really is amaiding to watch all three of these come
9:56 am
together. is our website. we have a link to the finals going on at bell grove plantation. come on out this sunday. a wonderful event for you to come and be a part of. we're going to have our last look at come back with us. the first time that i saw a sporting event on fios in high definition... ...bam! it was like, "wow!"
9:57 am
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wild scene at citizens park in philadelphia. during the 7th inning. >> spider-man. >> a man in a red span dex suit, that looks like spider- man, ran on to the field. stadium security ran after him. and they couldn't catch him because he's spider-man. finally a player tripped him. diaz said he figured the man was better off getting tripped than getting tazed as spider- man. >> don't taze me, bro. >> so there is your kicker for the day. what we like to call a light story that ends the newscast. the kicker. >> five-day forecast, 80s this afternoon. a light

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